Orchard Road Brewery is beginning it's journey with the opening of ORB Micropub

Darlington's first Micropub opened on 7th December 2017. 
The ORB Micropub - Ale and Whisky House focus on providing the highest quality local real ales, craft beers and a wide range of single malt whiskies.  We also provide excellent bottled beers (including gluten free beer) wines, spirits and soft drinks.  

Our new website will keep you up to date with ORB opening times and future events on the contact and news pages.   

Orchard Road Brewery was established in April 2017 and was born from my passion in search of the perfect pint of ale.  There have been occasions when, for me, the ale has not lived up to my expectations, but the growing number of excellent ales has kept my spirits up and the search continues!

Our goal is to not only search for the perfect pint, but to ultimately produce our own perfect ales.  Obviously, our idea of the perfect pint will not necessarily be the same as others.  So, we are hoping to take our customers on the same journey and plan to involve as many as we can in developing tastes and styles to help find everyone's perfect pint. The brewing has taken a back seat during the refurbishment and the opening of ORB but, once established, I will be back to my brew lab in search of that perfect recipe.  ORB Micropub will allow us to involve our customers in developing tastes and styles and we will introduce small quantity sample brews over the coming 12 months.

So why a Micropub first?  The definition of a Micropub is 'a small freehouse which listens to its customers and promotes conversation' and we want to give our customers every opportunity to get involved.

In the meantime, there will be a selection of excellent local real ales on the 6 cask hand pulls.   A variety of quality ciders, craft beers and high-end wines and spirits.

ORB Micropub is an Ale and Whisky House. I am just as passionate about Single Malt Scotch Whisky and I hope to be able to inspire some of you to try and see how wonderful whisky can be. We will start by providing a small, but quality selection varying in ages and regions along with some very distinctive whiskies for that special dram.

Ales & Craft Beers